Welcome to the Viking universe



Build and defend your settlement. Gather resources, look for food, protect yourself from wildlife, prepare for battle. Form alliances and fight other Vikings in violent Midgard.

Own settlements with NPCs

Hiring of private guard

Hunger, thirst, cold, hot, etc

Day and night cycle

Dynamic weather





Wild animals

Farm animals

Ships building


Vikings clans

Random events across the map


Neutral settlements (from small to large)

Battle Royale

Welcome to the ultimate battlefield where einherjar prepare to aid Odin during Ragnarök.
All day you fight with each other, proving that you are worthy. By the evening, the wounds heal. Feast and get ready for the next battle. Resist the hostile nature of 4 different biomes, hunt or be hunted by various creatures, get the central arena and possess Mjolnir. Survive.

Players’ driven gameplay & the uniqueness of each match

Traps & buildings placed by players persist from session to session. That means that each much will be unique due to different gameplay circumstances.

Huge map that consist on different biomes with their own atmosphere, weather, wild life

Every biome has its own factors affecting gameplay.

Resource gathering, crafting of weapons, armor, items. Building of some structures

You can craft items by yourself or find them across the map.

Animals and creatures around the map

It’s Vigrid. Not Midgard. Who knows what beasts did Odin prepared?

Default traps and traps made by players

Even if they will not affect during the current match. Don’t worry because they have their say in the next battles.

Zone with differentiated speed

Even if they will not affect during the current match. Don’t worry because they have their say in the next battles.

Dynamic weather

It will also affects on gameplay.

Rune stones as a key to enter the arena from one side and as a “place of interest/reason to fight” for players from another

To get the access to the center arena – it needs to get a small Runestone. However, be afraid their locations. And think twice to get them at the start or better get the good gear first

Loki’s Maze Deathmatch

Arena is surrounded by a dynamic labyrinth that changes every match. Earn glory and save its points by activating the runestones that randomly appear in the maze to complete Loki’s challenge.

And more

Note: features and content may change during development. It depends on both technical and gameplay sides.





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