Welcome to VALHALL: Harbinger


Combat system development

We have a core of the combat system ready and now are actively continuing its development. Engaging people early in the process allows to do this effectively.

Based on players feedback

We have a vision for the game. Also, we deeply value and listen to feedback from our community. Development is influenced by your thoughts and suggestions.

Bug fixing & Optimization

Bugs and crashes are part of development. We are constantly fixing them and improving optimization to achieve the best gaming experience possible.

Here is Early Access roadmap. We want to be transparant with you, the plans may change. Putting timeline on an early-in-development game is very challenging when aim at making the best experience possible.

We are small independent team. There is no third-party push. Thanks to early supporters, we have the freedom to develop the game by making decisions that are best for the game. If it takes more time for a quality result, we will take it.

Roadmap is being updated.

Please follow the latest Steam updates.



We welcome you to contact us and provide feedback. Feel free to share suggestions or offer your skills.


Have a great idea you would like to see in the game? Let us know, we value the thoughts of our community.


You can contact us to discuss a partnership. We are preparing special programs for bloggers and streamers.


We are looking for talented people to join the team. It is international, you can work remotely. Check available positions.